over 20 years of exceptional legal & customer service.


Haque Law Professional Corporation is committed to a practice that is accountable to its clients, relentless in its pursuit of solutions, and built on long-lasting relationships. Our clients are our top priority; we appreciate their loyalty and work extremely hard to earn and keep their trust.

We firmly believe that our client-centric approach and the value we place on fostering lasting relationships with our clients has allowed us to build and continue to grow a successful practice.



Haque Law Professional Corporation believes that a strong lawyer-client relationship can make all the difference. That is why we try to cultivate a culture that is welcoming and comfortable, so that our clients can feel like they can always give us a call or knock on our door – because they can!



Since coming into practice, HLPC has diversified its areas of professional expertise while staying true to its client-centered approach.  We are steadfast in our commitment to delivering expert legal advice while building and fostering long-standing relationships with our clients through continued support and counsel.


As a client-obsessed firm, our focus is You.  We listen attentively, build trust, and ask questions so that we can recommend solutions tailored for your unique situation. We understand that not all real estate transactions or business deals are the same, which is why we place such great emphasis on individualizing each one so that it matches You and your needs.


HLPC wants our clients to know what to expect throughout their engagement with us. This is why we offer transparent retainers and upfront fee disclosures. It is also why we make the effort to clearly communicate with clients. A happy client, to us, is one that knows what is going on and entrusts HLPC to solve their issue.


Real Estate Law

Just Turn the Key

Whether you are getting started with your first home, upgrading to your dream home, or are an empty nester right sizing to a smaller home, we can help you manage the legal details of your Real Estate transaction.

Mortgage Enforcement

Protecting your Investment.

HLPC is a peer leader in Mortgage Enforcement.  The laws and rules permitting lenders to enforce are rigid, with good reason, and our attention to detail, timeliness and diligence on mortgage enforcement transactions, ensures that our lenders maximize their recovery.


Growth Made Easy

Whether you are thinking about expanding your footprint, revenue and customer reach, or interested in buying into a successful operating  business opportunity through Franchising, we can help with our all-in-one solution for Franchising.

Business Law

Your Solid Foundation.

Savvy business owners are usually well versed with the laws that govern their business, but from time to time they require the expertise and advice of an experienced attorney to help navigate contracts, complexities, and even disputes.  We can help!

Wills & Estates

Rest Easy

Planning your estate and making decision about the distribution of your assets after your death can be uncomfortable.  We can help! At HLPC, we make it easy to plan the distribution of your assets by tailoring your Will and Powers of Attorney to suit the needs of you and your loved ones.

Criminal Law

In Your Corner

Being arrested or being charged with a criminal offence can leave you feeling lost, broken, panicked and isolated.  You are not alone!  We have the expert knowledge, experience  and access to all the tools & resources required to defend you. 

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