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The law is always evolving, so it is important that we do too. HLPC stays up to date with new developments in all our areas of practice. We try to pass this information forward as much as possible so that people can slowly but surely learn the inner workings of the law. It is our belief that a happy client is one that understands what is going on, and this section is just one way to achieve that.

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Franchise Startup Guide

WHAT IS FRANCHISING?Franchising is the expansion of a business by granting a license to operate that established business by adopting their knowledge, methods and business models. The franchisor, or the person who owns the business, is responsible for setting out...

Wills Step-by-Step

What is a will?A will is a legal document that dictates how your assets and wealth will be distributed upon your passing. Without a will, a person is said to have died intestate, which means their assets and wealth will be distributed in accordance with the formula in...