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A Will is a legal document that dictates how a person wants to distribute their assets and wealth upon their death. Without a Will, a person is said to have died intestate, and their assets are distributed in accordance with the formula set out in the Succession Law Reform Act. If you want a say in the matter, It is important to create a Will because that is how your intentions are made clear. It will ensure that your estate is distributed exactly the way you want it to.

HLPC makes it easy to plan the distribution of your assets by tailoring your Will and Powers of Attorney to suit your needs and that of your loved ones. We have extensive experience in managing Estate matters and access to a network of professionals specializing in Tax Law so you can rest easy knowing that your last intentions will be laid out clearly and that your loved ones will be provided for.


Carefully planning and tailoring your will and Powers of Attorney.


Filing probate applications to give the executor of an estate the authority needed.


Transferring title of your assets from your name to a beneficiary’s name.

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